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FOUNDING MOTHERS Cokie Roberts & Diane Goode
FROM THE ARTIST'S STUDIO: preview the art from sketch to finished art.

OUSIDE THE BOX Karma Wilson & Diane Goode
FROM THE ARTIST'S STUDIO: preview the art from sketch to finished art.

NINJA BABY, David Seltzer & Diane Goode
Kirkus Review:
"Sublime ink-and-watercolor drawings...."
“Hysterical and adorable.”

*STARRED REVIEW, Publisher's Weekly
"A funny and pitch-perfect story about independence."
"Goode, whose balletic lines and zephyrlike washes of color harken back to her wonderful work in Founding Mothers and other titles, both amplifies the literate, wry text and applies her own visual humor.."

School Library Journal:
"This spirited and stealthy new sibling story is one in which young readers can enjoy the exaggerated premise while their grown-ups can possibly glean some comfort."

2014 This book supports the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies.

2015 Amelia Bloomer List

"Goode’s illustrations are often breathtaking. On the endpapers, she has reproduced in sepia tones with antique pens some of the source documents that allow readers to know these women. Roberts’ lively text is illuminated with flourishes and curlicues along with winsome or whimsical portraits..."

School Library Journal:
"Beautifully intricate illustrations, rendered with antique pens, sepia ink, and watercolors, suit the text well. Thoughtful design, well-chosen facts, and an approachable format combine to make a book readers will enjoy and appreciate."

Publisher's Weekly:
"Goode contributes quill-drawn portraits and historical vignettes, beautifully rendered in sepia tones and delicate watercolor washes reminiscent of images from journals and letters of the era."

2014 Simon & Schuster
"A charming, gorgeously illustrated children’s collection of light verse."

School Library Journal:
"The playfulness of Goode's black-and-white sketches are a perfect match for Wilson's lighthearted verses."

Publisher's Weekly:
"Goode’s b&w artwork features her instantly recognizable swoopy ink lines, amplifying the comedy and playfulness that characterize many of Wilson’s poems."

Book List
"Goode’s ink-and-brush illustrations, full of swooping lines and flippy flourishes, are energetic and graceful at the same time. The art picks up the punch line of funny poems, amplifying the humor to laugh-out-loud levels, but for poems about the moon, dreams, or sunrise, the illustrations are ornate and lovely."

From New York Times bestselling author Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, a picture book starring a lovable and spunky character who will inspire prima ballerinas everywhere!
More than anything, Rosie loves to dance and wants to be a prima ballerina. But when she enrolls in ballet school, she can’t seem to master the plié or balance her arabesque. Never mind the grand jeté! Is there any hope for Rosie’s big dreams?

With charming text from Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, and delightful illustrations from Caldecott Honoree Diane Goode, this encouraging story of an aspiring dancer will have readers asking for an encore.

An Indie Booksellers Summer 2009 Kids' List selection.

* STARRED REVIEW, Publisher's Weekly

Available in Greek.

"Oh, the humor! My Mom Is Trying to Ruin My Life essentially defines the quintessential spirit of parent-child relationships. It's a picture book that even adults will appreciate reading to themselves -- giving it to your own mother would certainly be a way to show her that you appreciate her, now, even if you couldn't show it as a child...Kate Feiffer, with her pitch-perfect writing skills, and Diane Goode, whose artwork corresponds flawlessley, have got this book SO right! I urge you to check-it-out."
- Bianca Schulze, The Children's Book Review

Coming in June 2013 Harper Collins (3 book series)
With just the right amount of spunk, humor, and charm, Cinderella Smith gives readers who enjoy June B. Jones, Clementine, and Ramona Quimby a spirited class hero to welcome into their hearts and onto their bookshelves!

When Cinderella Smith chooses an animal for her endangered species report, she is beyond excited! (And shh! It's a super secret!) But all of the library books she needs are missing. A lively mystery is quickly under way!


"Poignant in it's portrayal of a young girl on the threshold of growing up an becoming her own person." ALA Booklist (starred review)

"A great offering for youngsters who are figuring out the confusing social terrain of third grade." Kirkus Review

"The plucky heroine is right at home beside Judy Moody, Clementine, and Ramona." School Library Journal

"Likjely to please even reluctant readers."

Cinderella Smith is recommended by the Committee for Children, an international nonprofit organization working to prevent bullying.

"This clever cautionary tale is nothing short of spectacular." -School Library Journal "An excellent choice for reading aloud." -Booklist

"When thinking of outstanding pairs a number of dynamite duos come to mind - Rogers and Hart, Stanley and Livingstone, Fred and Ginger, Holmes and Watson, lox and bagels? Seriously, in the world of children's literature Feiffer and Goode certainly top the list." -Gail Cooke

"A warm-hearted and witty story that will bring families together whether or not they are expecting a new baby." -Kirkus Reviews A 2010 Jewish Book Club selection

"Funny and full of kid-power..."
–Lee Littlewood, Kid's Home Library

"I don't know the last time I read something that seemed so destined to become a classic."
–P. Baxandall, review

4 book series, written by Elise Primavera K-Gr2
- School Library Journal, June 2011 *STARRED REVIEW*

That indomitable diva Louise is back, this time showing kids that hard work is its own reward. Louise’s latest woe is the fact that her goal of getting straight A’s is incompatible with her teacher’s principles—Mrs. Pearl never gives A’s. But that doesn’t stop Louise from trying…too hard, in fact. Her calling out and doing things without permission only earn negative attention from her new teacher. And her schoolwork? “You can do better, Miss Cheese.” After imagining all sorts of tragedies befalling her tough teacher, Louise is pleased one morning to see a substitute. But Miss Sprinkles does not push Louise to do better, accepting mediocrity, and when Louise gets an A along with every other student, it is not the achievement she had envisioned. She actually misses Mrs. Pearl. Goode’s watercolor illustrations perfectly capture Louise’s sass and attitude, her hopefulness and her frustration. Readers will laugh aloud at the predicaments Louise imagines for the hapless Mrs. Pearl. And parents and teachers alike will cheer at Louise’s resolve to do her best.

If only everyone had Louise’s work ethic, determination and spunk, and every teacher pushed students to do their best. A timely message for readers on both sides of the desk. (Picture book. 5-10


Parent's Choice Award 2007

" Inspired by a stuffed alligator encountered on a trip to the museum, a nameless young boy decides to change his species altogether and join the world of reptilians. A gift from an aunt “in a faraway land” seals the deal. His patient parents feed him and read to him and teach him his ABCs; his mother worries and calls a doctor...who recommends a vet instead; and he manages to attend school (in all his scaly glory) where he deals with the school bully (big teeth help), and learns to spell and sings “from his very long snout.” At story's end he (and all those around him) have learned that it's actually easier being green than to stay stuck in a body that doesn't quite suit. Rylant's rhyming text works well, though a few bumpy scans and a slightly forced rhyme from time to time interrupt the flow. The real charm lies in Goode's illustrations. Her finely inked outlines washed in gentle blues and greens with occasional pastel accents are endlessly expressive. A single curved line creates a worried expression, a satisfied smile, or an angry snarl. The final vignette of mother and reptile snuggling in a chair forms the perfect tender finale to this buoyant tale about finding your own way in a confusing world. An embossed alligator on the pea green cover completes this handsome package."