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Studio Visit * OUTSIDE THE BOX 

* KIRKUS  STARRED REVIEW   Outside the Box,  Karma Wilson & Diane Goode


A charming, gorgeously illustrated children's collection of light verse.

Wilson and Goode here combine their comedic artistry to create an edgy and substantial collection of light verse with exquisite accompanying pen-and-ink drawings unafraid to explore childhood's darker reaches. From typographical play to concrete poems, Wilson pulls out a number of visual poetic stops in inviting readers to "think / outside / the box" and ponder humorous cautionary tales on the perils of fibbing, snitching and sibling rivalry, alongside wildly concocted romps through the imagination. A number of memorable creatures emerge from these pages—for example, "Horace Hippopotamus," who "ate more than he oughtamus," and a miffed ladybug, who admonishes: "Stop calling me lady. / Please. I'm a dude!" Awkward situations are celebrated in poems such as "Wishy-Washy," where the speaker blows out birthday cake candles while silently imploring, "I wish Evan liked me!" Alas, "right then Evan picks his nose, / which turns his finger green!"; horrified, the speaker cries: "Relight the candles… / My first wish was a huge mistake. / I need to trade it in!" Here, as throughout the volume, in but a few strokes, Goode's pen deftly realizes the moment: the offending finger prominently up Evan's nose, the speaker's heart-shaped wish wafting from the birthday candles' smoke, jaggedly rent in half.

At once affirming, silly, and poignant: a stunning visual and poetic compendium on growing up. (Poetry. 8-11)


Editor, Justin Chanda and Lauren Rille, designer.  Written by KARMA WILSON

It takes a year or so to illustrate a book, there are endless illustration ideas and variations of those illustrations, here are just a few.....  Diane Goode

"In the beginning"....:  Karma Wilson's poems  are organized for layout at the Simon & Schuster office.  176 pages of text.  No small task!  Justin Chanda &  Emma Dryden, editors.

Back in the work begins....just me and my dog, Jack.

One of several preliminary cover sketches at the Simon & Schuster offices.

FINAL COVER, OUTSIDE THE BOX, Karma Wilson & Diane Goode 2014 Simon & Schuster

Rough cover idea.  Not in the book.
Rough cover idea.
Rough cover idea.

Rough sketch in ink.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Final illustration.

Artist's concept and layout for text.

Uncorrected final. Type design by Lauren Rille

Sketch in ink.

Dream Weaver  pen and ink.

Layout for text.

Final, type design by Lauren Rille.

Rough ink sketch for dummy.

Final art, brush and ink.



Final art. Pen & brush.

Layout for text.


Final art. Pen and ink.

Final art, brush and pastel.


Final art. Pen and ink.

Sketch and finished black ink drawing.
Final art, pen, brush and pastel.
FInished spread w poem.

Layout for text.

Final type design by Lauren Rille.


Final art. Brush and ink.

....the box.