Cokie Roberts & Diane Goode

Editors, Maria Modugno & Alyson Day and designer, Dana Fritts.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: Sepia and pen finished drawing before adding pastel color.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: Finished art. Pastel over sepia drawing.

Original signature and artist's recreation in sepia.

Artist's hand lettering, black ink.

Various pen holders and nibs used for the art.

Hand mixed, sepia inks.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: sepia pen and ink

The pen nibs.

Original signature and artist's recreation in sepia.

Spot illustrations for the historical time line of the war.

Spot illustrations.

Sepia alternates for donkey spot illustration.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: woman soldier, sepia ink and pastel. Quarter for scale.

Layouts on the drawing board.

Pen and ink calligraphy and flourishes.

Rough sketch and text in book dummy

Sketch and finished sepia ink drawing.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: Deborah Read Franklin. Portrait, sepia line and pastel.

Rough sketch and blocked text in book dummy.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: Deborah Read Franklin. Sepia pen and ink and pastel.

Hand lettering for banners.

Preliminary art for endpaper.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: ABIGAIL ADAMS. Finished sepia drawing for one of 4 different endpapers.

Endpaper, layout

Layout for one of 4 endpapers

Layout for text and art placement.

FOUNDING MOTHERS: Interior portrait in sepia ink and pastel and spot illustration in sepia. ELIZA LUCAS PINCKNEY

First cover idea, original art pen and ink and pastel. Founding Mothers

FOUNDING MOTHERS: Original cover illustration, sepia ink drawing and pastel.

2nd cover idea in layout with type.


FOUNDING MOTHERS: Back cover. Original art, pen and ink and pastel.

Color correction of 1st and 2nd set of proofs against the original art.

And we're not done.....proofs then undergo a series color corrections at Harper before they go to the printer.

It's a team effort, and at Harper I have a great team...thank you, ladies!